Music: indie pop rock Difficulty Level: advanced beginner intermediate Instructor: kelsey Class Type: CARDIO 30 Recorded: July 25 @ 9:45 am

elliptica Cardio 30 minute workout with sprints, poles, intervals, isolations, and squats, to a Pop, Rock, Indie playlist


Lights Out Party - Workout Remix 135 BpmSuperFitness
Anaconda - 144 BPMDJ Kee
Rude Boy - Humanjive RemixPower Music Workout
Here We ComeTiger Drive
Warriors - 156 BPMSpeedmaster
We Didn’t Start The FireFall Out Boy
Feel Invincible - 150 BPMSpeedogang
Summer BabyJonas Brothers

Class Plan

Warmup3 minutes
Sprint5 minutes
Isolations4 minutes
Intervals4 minutes
Squats3 minutes
Sprint4 minutes
Poles3 minutes
Sprint3 minutes
Cool Down2 minutes

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