Music: edm pop rap Difficulty Level: advanced beginner intermediate Instructor: kelsey Class Type: CARDIO 20 Recorded: November 1 @ 9:00 am

elliptica Cardio 20 minute workout with sprints, climbs, and squats to a Pop, EDM, Rap playlist


100% Pure Love - Workout Remix 133 BPMPower Music Workout
Revenge - Workout RemixPower Music Workout
What a Feeling - Crystal Rock Remix EditAndrew Spencer, Crystal Rock
Crazy in Love - 160 BPMSpeedogang
Sugar, We're Goin DownFall Out Boy
Good Girls - 188 BPMSpeedmaster
Mercy - AcousticShawn Mendes

Class Plan

Warmup2 minutes
Sprint4 minutes
Climb3 minutes
Mix4 minutes
Squats4 minutes
Sprint3 minutes
Cool Down3 minutes

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