Music: hip-hop pop rock Difficulty Level: advanced beginner intermediate Instructor: kelsey Class Type: CARDIO 20 Recorded: August 30 @ 8:30 am

elliptica Cardio 20 minute workout with intervals, sprints, climbs, and reverse to a Pop, Rock, Hip hop playlist


Calm Down - Workout Remix 131 BPMPower Music Workout
Say My Name - 160 BPMSpeedmaster, Angelica
Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) - Fraser T Smith RemixIronik, Fraser T. Smith
Southbound - Workout Remix 130 BPMPower Music Workout
Shake Your HipsJoan Osborne
Meant to Be - Workout Remix 180 BPMPower Music Workout
Cool DownSeth Haapu, Stan Walker

Class Plan

Warmup3 minutes
Sprint4 minutes
Climb3 minutes
Intervals4 minutes
Reverse3 minutes
Sprint3 minutes
Cool Down2 minutes

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